What If the New Normal Never Comes?

Change is a constant right? Yet the rate, depth and frequency of change is occurring at a level that previous generations haven’t experienced. So here you are trying to do your best with the constant ups and downs, hoping as a society we will find our new normal soon. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

What that means is your individual ability to deal with change is more important than ever. You can’t afford to remain in burnout, overwhelm, or exhaustion. But should these feelings be on the rise for you, it means that something needs to change within you, your life, or both.

As you walk your path, your feelings will be there guiding you as to what changes need to be made within your life and within your perception. I just want to validate that these messages coming through your feelings are no joke. Quite often, the guidance you receive through them may scare you. In many ways, that is the point. Your empowered emotions will try to get you to act BEFORE the proverbial s*it hits the fan. But even if you are currently swimming in chaos, your feelings will give you the next step forward.

Your feelings are always available to show you the way out of the chaos and into more of your power, resilience, and confidence. To access those qualities, you will be called to change in ways that feel frightening to a part of you. But it’s only a part of you that is scared. Another part of you is ready. You want to ride the waves of this wild time because the challenges you are facing ARE taking you somewhere better.

You, me, we both just need to have the courage to listen. The more we do, the more solid we feel. Through your sense of inner solidness, you’ll see the challenges you’ve gone through as great lessons and the ones that are to come as opportunities to create more of a life that fits you (rather than the other way around).

Keep trusting in yourself, even though the “new normal” may never come or if it does, it takes longer than you expect. Either way, by having the confidence to tune-in to your emotional needs, you are going to be able to navigate whatever comes your way, both in the long and short-terms.

All my best,


PS: If you are a leader and this message resonates with you, yet you aren’t clear how to translate this to your team, the IIEE can support you. My team at The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment is known for balancing corporate and individual responsibilities when it comes to employee emotional well-being. Simply email [email protected] and we can set up a time to discuss your goals.