When you want CHANGE but aren’t sure HOW??

When you want CHANGE but aren’t sure HOW??

Oh, how I understand that place of knowing there is more for you but, at the same time, you feel stuck with the how.

You’ve got your vision set on something that you are expanding into but how exactly do you make that happen? Yes, I know that place well.

Whether you desire greater health, wealth, love, joy or something else, the HOW can feel mysterious.

At one point, I didn’t know how to:

  • Find my soulmate,
  • Claim an income that felt expansive to me,
  • True health, or
  • Feel inner peace.

Having overcome each of those areas of my life, I now realize that it’s less about the how and more about the who.

During those times when I was questioning the how, the who I was being at the time was quite honestly a person starved & struggling for love, wealth, health and/or peace.

In other words, unknowingly to me, my internal identity was more attached to fear and lack, than love, truth, and expansion.

Once I was willing to face what my reality was showing me, it was clear that what was being mirrored back to me in my life was the opposite of what I desired.

To make the shift from getting the opposite of my desire to actually receiving my desired outcome, you shift the who not the how.

What I know for sure is that when you are in a state of contraction (fear & lack) there simply is no way for the how to come forward.

Now if you have a powerful ego like me, your mind will convince you that you are not living from fear or lack.

Here’s how you find out if that is true.

  1. Think about what you desire.
  2. Ask yourself why you believe you don’t have that desire yet.
  3. Be honest with yourself and how does it make you feel.

Now, if you feel something negative- this is good news!

You see, two of the main points to experiencing a negative feeling are to:
A) Alert you when you are off track from your truth, and then
B) Rewire beliefs that identify you as less than your TRUTH

You see you can’t just tell yourself to think a new belief. In order for you to really believe it, you’ve got to feel it.

When you truly feel this new identity, who you are being changes and knows exactly how to make your desires happen.

You’ll know when this has happened for you because the empowered version of your negative emotions, will guide you to go in the OPPOSITE direction of how you thought you should go to receive your desired outcome.
After supporting others all over the globe who were looking for the how to make their desires reality, what I know to be true is this famous quote:

Michelle Bersell

This power is within your Emotions, you just need to learn the empowered approach to your negative feelings to make the shift.

If you are ready to:
– Stop judging, fighting, or trying to get rid of your negative feelings,
– Get out of your own way & experience your own life-changing transformation, and
– Become educated and have in your tool-belt a positive, life-affirming approach to emotional well-being to share with others….

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