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Welcome to the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment

Innovative Professional Training and Personal Programs to Transform Our Relationship With Emotions

Founder of IIEE, Michelle Bersell, was invited to a Thought Leadership Conference at Harvard to discuss How Traditional Psychology is FAILING Emotionally Sensitive People.

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Offerings of The International Institute of Emotional Empowerment


Learn a positive, life-affirming approach to negative emotions and guide others to deep and lasting transformation.

Become certified in Emotional Empowerment from anywhere in the world, and support yourself and others to learn the benefits and growth of all their feelings.

Become Certified in Emotional Empowerment

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Transform your emotional sensitivity from your greatest challenge to your greatest gift!

Learn how to put an end to the battle with your negative feelings by understanding the power of your emotions to gain clarity, confidence, and receive the most out of life.

Receive the Gift of
Your Emotional Sensitivity

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The IIEE Mission

Are you someone who has always been interested in psychology and emotional well-being? If so, the IIEE is here to support you to enhance your understanding of our emotional wellbeing from a new paradigm that doesn’t require years of study to earn a degree, yet is highly effective in getting to the core of negative feelings.

Just as many now turn to wellness coaches (rather than nutritionists) to create optimal health, there is a revolutionary shift to turn to Emotional Empowerment Coaches (rather than traditional therapy) to create optimal emotional well-being.

We’re passionate about giving you the tools to creating the deepest transformation for on an emotional level. Those who have joined or experienced IIEE’s training have come from a variety of backgrounds including:

Health Coaches and Holistic Services
Therapists and Social Workers
Life Coaches
Sales Professionals
Spiritual Teachers & Reiki Masters
School Systems

Become a part of a leading edge movement in Emotional Empowerment!