Be BOLD When You Don’t Fit the Mold

Be Bold When You Don't Fit the Mold

For quite some time, because I didn’t fit, I felt ashamed, broken, wrong. No longer.

What I learned was the way traditional psychology, EFT, and other personal development strategies teach every which way to get rid of negative emotions, to be freed from them – was not serving me.

pulling away the veil

So, I broke the mold. I peeled away the illusion. I turned the teachings upside down as I realized something these other teaching didn’t:

1. Your emotions are here to guide you.
2. Negative emotions are present to help you raise your vibration, give you clarity, and live a fulfilled life.
3. When you understand the gift of your negative emotions, you actually learn to receive with love and compassion more of you. That is what true freedom is!

The tendency is when you don’t fit the mold, that you are alone, that there is something wrong with you.

Nothing disheartens me more than language that reiterates to emotionally sensitive people that you need “healing.”

Healing can unintentionally imply “There is something wrong with you.” Emotionally sensitive or challenged people, you don’t need healing. All you need is a better understanding of your gift.

Your emotional sensitivity has already been working for you, helping you see through illusions others may present when they are unconsciously masking their own shame.

Of course, that can feel threatening to others. When threatened, they have no other choice but to make you wrong and try to persuade you that you are irrational. You aren’t.

It’s time to see through the biggest illusion about our emotional well-being, because in attempting to rid or free ourselves from negative emotions, they are growing stronger. This is leaving more people struggling (& likely thinking there is something wrong with them).

What would it be like if we turned this whole perspective on it’s head and recognized that your negative emotions have a SIGNIFICANT purpose?

Instead of judging and condemning ourselves as weak, messed up, or non-evolved for experiencing negative emotions….

What if every time a negative feeling came up you saw yourself as highly attuned, aware, and capable specialist at solving highly complex problems that cannot be resolved through logic alone?

Just as our body was created with pain receivers to tell us when our physical self is in danger, negative emotions are signals to tell us when our soul, our very essence, is in danger.

The danger of your essence is not living the life you are intended to experience. The life your heart and emotions are guiding you to live.

The programming we’ve been fed about negative feelings isn’t just hurting us emotionally, it hinders our ability to create the outcomes that bring greater fulfillment to our lives!

For every emotionally sensitive person out there, for anyone struggling with their negative feelings, I am on your side, seeing your truth, and shining a light of compassion for you to recognize the gifts within your emotional self.

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Here’s to you being bold in whichever way is calling you!