Why the Heck Am I Made Sooooo Sensitive?

Why the Heck Am I Made Sooooo Sensitive?

What I believe is key to creating transformation is LOVE. Not romantic love, I’m talking about a love that goes all out for the highest good of a person to break free from chains of non-love that show up as fear and judgement.

If this fear and judgement is within oneself, then unknowingly, it will be passed onto others.

My mission is to put an end to the fear and judgment of negative emotions.
Why? Because I KNOW that when you let go of the fear and judgment of your negative emotions, what you get is greater love within yourself and life.

This love is what sets you, me and others free from the shackles of limitation.
This love is there to support you, me, and others to be the highest expression of ourselves even when we are scared and uncertain.
And I do believe, this level of love, that judges & fears less, is what is needed in the world.

Thirteen years ago, I fought myself hard. The inner battle I felt when negative emotions came up was mean and cruel. As much as I tried all the tools I learned as a psychotherapist and all the tips I learned from other spiritual and personal development modalities to get rid of my negative feelings, they would come back over and over and over.

I questioned why in the hell I was made the way I was. “Why God am I so overly sensitive and have to feel so damn much?!?”

Michelle Bersell

The truth was I was pissed and within my conversations with God, I wanted, no I demanded an explanation for why we feel the way we do.

That’s when I began being awoken in the middle of the night to go to my computer and write. What I received through those nightly downloads were a loving and empowered explanation to why we feel the way we do. My prayer was answered.

It’s been twelve years since that download of understanding our emotions from love and I can tell you three things:

  1. I still don’t always love it when negative feelings come but…
  2. My life has changed profoundly by learning to understand the language, signals and guidance of our emotions giving me greater peace, courage, love and a fuller expression of myself.
  3. Having worked with others all over the world, this works for anyone who is ready and able to take responsibility for their life. Meaning, this work assumes you are willing to be the creator of your life and your emotions are your guidance system to become your fullest, truest expression. Yet, without personal responsibility, you cannot experience this expression of self.

If you are ready to let go of the fear and judgement of negative feelings (which leads us on this never-ending loop of trying to get rid of them), and experience more of your truth and even greater love of self, I invite you to join me on this mission by becoming educated in Emotional Empowerment.

Twice a year, I extend the invitation to learn a whole new approach to our emotional selves by becoming certified in Emotional Empowerment. If you are interested, download my Emotional Empowerment Certification Kit here and fill out our application inside to apply.

Whether you become educated for your own self, your family, or those you serve, I know you will create a positive ripple effect in the world, simply because less of your internal energy will have fear, judgment or struggle based upon what you feel.
The anger, anxiety, and sadness that is growing in today’s world is asking us to ditch the out-dated model we’ve been taught and instead understand these feelings from love and empowerment.

We start Feb 8th and I’d be honored to be your guide to a positive, life-affirming approach to emotional well-being that provides true inner freedom. If you would like to join me, simply download my Emotional Empowerment Certification Kit here and fill out our application inside to apply.

If you are ready to learn and receive a truly transformational experience, my heart encourages your heart to fill out my application before more time goes by without your emotional self on your side.

I promise you, you’ll F.E.E.L. the difference!


PS: If you are not looking to become certified, but still want a powerful process to help you as an individual, download my free F.E.E.L. Toolkit here.