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Michelle Bersell, Founder of IIEEAs the creator of the Emotional Empowerment Process (™) and founder of IIEE, I’ll be your guide to shift your emotional struggles and sensitivity to greater inner peace & confidence as you learn how your emotions are guiding tools to your personal and spiritual growth!

Experience the Emotional Empowerment Difference,

through the Emotional Empowerment Mentorship Program &

Learn how to Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies

Yes, I want to be coached by Michelle

What you can expect in the Emotional Empowerment Mentorship Program is to:

  • Be challenged to remain in your truth vs your story
  • Gain understanding of any challenge through an emotional/spiritual lens
  • Know the next steps to take to move forward
  • Recognize the patterns that keep you in your own way
  • Realign with your vision instead of subconsciously trying to remain safe
  • Intuitive guidance to bring clarity
  • Receive support from a like-minded community
  • Deepen intimacy in your relationships: marriage/partner, children, family, friends

What you get in The Emotional Empowerment Program


Experience being coached by Michelle through the Bullseye Coaching Method that quickly gets to the heart of the matter, through private group coaching sessions!(3 sixty minute sessions per month)

Online Community

Learn from others on the Emotional Empowerment path through our exclusive online forum where you can privately hold discussions about your journey.

Deepening Exercises

Take your coaching experience deeper through questions that are designed to help you discover more of your inner gold that has been buried in your subconscious through our monthly Mining for Gold worksheet.

Bonus #1

6 Steps to Peace Program

Find out once and for all what is underneath your fears that causes you to lose your peace, gain the insight you need to find your center, and feel at ease from within all through 6 simple steps!

Bonus #2

Emotional Empowerment on the Go

Rather than come across as emotionally reactive, this program gives you access to over 60 different negative feelings that will shift you from overwhelm to empowerment in 5 minutes or less!

Bonus #3 – Ebooks

Rethinking Emotion & Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Ally

Rethinking Emotion

Becoming Your Child’s Emotional Ally

Bonus #4

Learn from these world-renown leaders in exclusive interviews done for the IIEE

Rev. Iyalna Vanzant

Oprah’s OWN network television show Iyalna Heal My Life

Dr. Larry Dossey

Physician & NYT best selling author brings science & spirituality together

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Physician, NYT best selling author, & prayer as a method to healing advocate

Sonia Choquette

Intuitive counselor & NYT best-selling author

Dr. Steven Farmer

Shamanic practitioner & spiritual teacher

Marc David

Founder of the Psychology of Eating

And here’s the amazing news, you receive all this for…

Only $147 per month


Enroll by Nov 4th to start experiencing the power of Emotional Empowerment in your life!

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Here’s Proof that Being Mentored by Michelle through Emotional Empowerment Works in All Areas of Life You Want to Change!

“The Emotional Empowerment process allowed me to move forward on an issue that plagued me for 11 years!”
Dr. Joan BaricePhysician
Dr. Joan Barice
“Little did I know that Michelle would help bring my relationship to a much deeper level of love so quickly!”
Jen DorfWellness Coach
Jen Dorf
“Besides receiving an amazing promotion, I am now more confident!”
Dr. Gina Lee GilsoulPharmacist
Dr. Gina Lee Gilsoul
“Michelle’s work has really helped me open the door to my full potential and to help me achieve what, deep down, I know I´m capable of achieving.”
Jimmy SammarcoCinematographer
Jimmy Sammarco
“I went from uncertainty to CLARITY about my PURPOSE!”
Debra Hanes Spiritual Healer
Debra Hanes
“My Business Tripled in Just a Few Days!”
Suzanne MonroeFounder of the International Association for Wellness Professionals
Suzanne Monroe
“I was struggling to breathe…I wanted more out of life… Now, I am excited to be designing the life I truly want!”
Megan MatolaSales Executive
Megan Matola
“When my life took an unexpected turn with my daughter’s diagnosis of Leukemia, I learned to channel the roller coaster of emotions with raw vulnerability& found a love for writing.”
T SammarcoAuthor
T Sammarco

How the Emotional Empowerment Mentorship Program works:

  • Sessions take place on Tuesdays three times per month at 3pm ET/2pm CT/ noon PT.
  • If you can’t make it, no worries, all sessions will be recorded.
  • You can quit at any time.
  • You are automatically billed every every 30 days.
  • Recommended time frame to experience lasting transformation that will remain with you for the rest of your life is 6-12 months (depending on what you are working through in your life).

Join the Emotional Empowerment Mentorship Program to get coached by Michelle and learn how to utilize your feelings to support you to become the person you were born to be and receive all the gifts life wants to offer you!


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