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How Emotional Empowerment Training Works

IIEE Program Training
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The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment is dedicated to providing you with one of a kind, in-depth teachings as well as a step by step proven process to enhance your success and confidence toward making deep and lasting transformations on an emotional level.

Emotional Empowerment training is an online classroom that allows you to study and participate from anywhere in the world where you have access to a computer and the internet.

Online Classroom

IIEE Online Classroom

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home or wherever your computer takes you. Your online classroom includes Audio Training, Video Training, Experiential Exercises, Practice Emotional Empowerment Skills with Real-Life Case Studies, as well as Accountability and Leadership Training, all uniquely developed to give you a comprehensive, proven-process to guide yourself and others through powerful transformation.

Training from Leading Experts


IIEE is the one place to learn the latest insights on emotional well-being from leading experts.

Our Faculty and Guest Teachers will teach you how to be on the forefront in personal development and creating in-depth, lasting transformation.

Personal Support

IIEE Support

The IIEE wants you to experience the joy and freedom available through learning emotional empowerment so you can give others the same. In order to support you through your journey, you will have individual sessions provided through our student advisors, who are former graduates of the training. Our student advisors are ready to guide you to claim more of the life you desire through supporting you to recognize the empowered guidance of your emotions. As you experience the shift in your life, you’ll be able to support others to utilize their emotions for their benefit and growth.

Signature System

IIEE Proven Training System

Having a Signature System allows you to follow a step by step process to take your clients through to establish emotional transformation, including session topics and assignments to keep their inner process in motion in-between sessions. As a certified Emotional Empowerment Coach, you’ll feel confident when challenging emotions arise, to take others through a proven process that enriches their life by using the IIEE Signature System. Your license to the Signature System gives you the freedom to share your gifts while knowing there are protocols, tools, and assignments already designed to help you more deeply support others.

Leadership Support

IIEE Leadership Support

Once you have the know-how to support others with emotional empowerment, you’ll have a unique offering and advantage in the personal development industry to take people through a deeply personal and transformational process. Because we know outer success is an inside job, we give you the inside-edge of living as a leader while also giving you practical how-to’s toward establishing or enhancing your coaching offerings.

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