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Thank you for your interest in finding out more about how you can become certified in emotional empowerment.

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The Emotional Empowerment Certification program is now closed.  Should you like to be notified if this program reopens, please fill out your name and email below.



The recommended time frame is eight months. Due to the experiential nature of this program, you cannot complete the training in less than six months. You have a year to complete the program from your signup date.

Because the program is experiential in nature, we do not overload you with material to memorize. On average, our students spend approximately five hours per week or less on each lesson.

Please refer to this document that explains the IIEE’s Certification Outline & Procedures to earn your certification in Emotional Empowerment.

This certification is for anyone who would like to learn an empowered approach to emotions and be able to share this experience with others. There are not prerequisites in terms of education. What is required is a person’s willingness to take personal responsibility for their life and be open to coaching. This requires an individual’s mental health state to be ready and willing to integrate change in their own life. This training has been taken by health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, reiki masters, therapists, social workers, people with careers in sales, parents, biofeedback specialists, spiritual leaders, yoga instructors and more.

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Yes! You receive personal support in two main ways. The first is through our group mentorship calls that take place three times per month.  If you cannot make the live call, you can submit your question to us via email. The second way you are personally supported is through being matched with a Graduate Leader from the program. Our Graduate Leaders have received extensive training in order to be your personal guide throughout the program. Your tuition covers nine personal sessions with a Graduate Leader.