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Emotional Empowerment is a revolutionary process
of receiving all of who you truly are:

your divinity, your love, your light, your intuition,
your wisdom, your insight….
by learning to receive your Emotional Self.

Learning to receive your Emotional Self is VITAL if you:

  • Are sensitive to your own or others feelings
  • Experience feelings strongly
  • Struggle at times with anxiety, melancholy, anger, guilt, or shame
  • Have tolerated less than your ideal and your heart is ready for change

What I want you to know
is your Emotional Self is
PERFECT as it is now!

Range of Emotions
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I know that may be challenging to believe if you experience one or more of the above.

At one point in my life, I struggled with all of the points above.

I struggled because I was really good at rejecting my Emotional Self :-( and it made my life much more of a struggle than it needed to be.

Could you be doing some of the things I did?

Unknowingly, there may be times you may reject your Emotional Self, for instance, when you:

[vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-hand-paper-o” color=”#dd9933″ icon_size=”40px”]are hurting, do you tell yourself you shouldn’t because others have it worse? I did![/vcex_list_item][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-hand-paper-o” color=”#dd9933″ icon_size=”40px”]desire your relationships, finances, or health to improve, do you tell yourself to be grateful for what you have and not want more? I did![/vcex_list_item][vcex_spacing size=”10px”][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-hand-paper-o” color=”#dd9933″ icon_size=”40px”]experience negative feelings, do you think you should be over this by now? I did![/vcex_list_item][vcex_list_item icon=”fa fa-hand-paper-o” color=”#dd9933″ icon_size=”40px”]listening to others opinions of you, rather than own your truth[/vcex_list_item]

By doing that, you will likely end up:

  • Doubting yourself
  • Undervaluing yourself and remain in a place of struggle within your finances, health, or relationships.
  • Hiding your true thoughts and feelings in order to be accepted
    (Just like I did!)

This is painful because, deep down….
Your heart knows that
you deserve to receive more of
your truth and the goodness of life.

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African woman with flowers

You see, when you learn how to receive the aspects of yourself that are easy to reject, you are learning how to receive more in all aspects of life.

Unfortunately, traditional psychology didn’t work for me because it taught me that in order for me to feel better, I had to get rid of my negative emotions.

As an Emotionally Sensitive person, trying to remove or keep at bay my negative emotions was sentencing me to a life of chasing my tail. Sure I knew how to release my negative feelings, the problem was they kept coming back!

Statistics also demonstrate that traditional psychology or other modalities that try to release negative emotions aren’t working.

Take a look for yourself:

73% of people who are stressed are experiencing psychological symptoms such as sadness, anger, and anxiety.

  • Stressed
  • Not Stressed

3 out of 4 women feel chronically stressed.

  • Chronically Stressed
  • Not Stressed

9 out of 10 moms are overwhelmed.

  • Overwhelmed
  • Not Overwhelmed

No wonder that women are twice as likely as men to experience anxiety and panic disorders and by the time women reach their 40s & 50s we see that 1 in 4 are on antidepressants because it’s exhausting fighting the internal battle with no end in sight!

If you or the people you work with
fall into one of these statistics,
I invite you to learn
the revolutionary approach of Emotional Empowerment.

I know revolutionary is a big word. Here’s why I stand behind Emotional Empowerment being revolutionary.

The modalities that teach how to
get rid of or release negative emotion
miss the point as to why negative feelings exist.

Your feelings are present to guide you and all you need to do is learn their language.

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Emotional Empowerment is the only modality that teaches how to:

  • Re-wire your experience of negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness, and guilt to expand you (rather than diminish you).
  • Navigate the most important aspects of live:
    • diminish the power of your ego to unconsciously control you, as you become more attuned to your inner truth.
    • relationships,
    • health &
    • finances… through utilizing the positive guidance of your negative emotions
  • Take yourself and others through a step by step process to understand the growth within emotional triggers
  • Understand your negative emotions as guides to help you receive all of who you are from the lens of love (rather than feel you need to reject or release any part of you including your ego, fears, and feelings)
  • Grow your confidence to take bold action.

The gist of how Emotional Empowerment works is learning that each feeling you experience has a specific signal telling you how you are off track from your truth and how to get back on the path of your fullest expression of you. When you follow the guidance of the signal, the negative emotion (the signal) goes away because it has done its job.

If you don’t listen, the negative emotion (the signal) gets louder.



It’s nothing personal, your emotions are just doing their job. This is exactly why your Emotional Self is perfect as it is. It’s just that most people haven’t learned to read or understand their negative feelings from a language of empowerment and love.

Emotional Empowerment teaches that by learning to receive your negative emotions, you receive more of your truth. The more you live from your true self, the more you emotionally grow into into the person capable of receiving your hearts desires.





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And this is where I ask you to LISTEN to your Emotional Self. Because if you are still reading all of this Emotional Empowerment is for you!

Here’s how you can grow deeper with Emotional Empowerment…

Peace of mind
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In this 3 month program, you will receive:

  • 12 live, interactive 90-minute course sessions including instruction, coaching & interactive exercises taught by The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment
  • Unlimited access to recordings of all of the course sessions
  • Weekly course material
  • Guided Practice and Reflection Questions for each week
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Rethinking Emotion – How Negative Emotions Saved My Life!
A real-life story of how potent your feelings are when you allow your empowered emotions to take the lead. Not to be missed!


F.E.E.L. Roadmap Guidebook
A step-by-step unfolding process to move from your current reality to your desired outcome utilizing the power of your emotions.

“I’ve done many different programs in the past but this work is so much deeper. It has allowed me to extend greater love and to understand the unique empowerment of each of our negative emotions. This program guided me to be more honest with myself, which directly impacts me being able to support others in more empowering ways. I encourage anyone who desires their own deep transformation or wants to provide deep transformation to others to take this opportunity!”

~ Mubina Lagare

“Taking the Emotional Empowerment Training has been a game changer for me. Going through the process has helped me remember and learn even more about myself, and my Higher Self. Though I have done many years of inner work, this process has brought me even more insight and clarity in how to stay in alignment with what my soul desires in this life. Learning the language of emotions, and how to experience all of them from an empowered perspective, has been enlightening. I know this process will continue to help me grow and expand my essence, making it more present in every aspect of my life.”

~ Deb Hanes

“I have struggled with feelings of being different, less than, and alone my entire life. To have the opportunity to feel that I am in the right place with others of like mind, in fact, other’s speaking the same language as me has been an invaluable experience. I know that on a deep level there is a new sense of comfort, steadiness, and grounding. I am thrilled to see how this will impact my life as I go out and create my vision!”

~ Steph Carlson

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Now is your chance to be on the forefront of new movement that is here to up-level your relationship to your Emotional Self!

Emotional Empowerment Program

Where Emotionally Sensitive People are Understood & Empowered!

It’s time to reclaim your emotional sensitivity from being perceived as a weakness into your greatest blessing!

[vcex_teaser style=”one” heading=”About Michelle Bersell” heading_type=”h2″ img_width=”9999″ img_height=”9999″ url=”” url_target=”_blank”]Michelle Bersell, Founder of IIEEMichelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., is the founder of The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. Bersell’s unique background as teacher, psychotherapist, author and speaker allows her to reach thousands around the world to challenge the current fear-based understanding of negative emotion to one of utilizing each emotion to serve and support one’s personal growth and evolution.

Besides media attention including PBS, NBC, CBS, FOX, Women’s World magazine, and Parents magazine her latest book F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies immediately became a #1 bestselling book upon it’s release and two weeks later was a featured gift at the Emmy Awards.

After working with former pro-athletes, best-selling authors, music and film industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives, Bersell now trains coaches and holistic practitioners on this transformative approach to true emotional well-being.

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