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Latest Episodes

Episode 29: Using Emotional Empowerment In Trying Times

his is clearly an unprecedented time that is creating varying degrees of challenges depending on your circumstances. With you by your side will be your emotions. With the changes and different pressures you are experiencing negative feelings are going to likely arise. In this episode, I share with you how to address anxiety, sadness, frustration, and anger from a place of empowerment. I’ll also reveal my own personal experiences of each of these feelings I’ve been experiencing and how I’ve dealt with my emotions. (Spoiler Alert: It hasn’t been perfect!) Please know that empowerment does not mean shoving your emotions down, nor is it an emotional free for all. Your emotions are a guide to support you to show up as your best self, especially when challenged. I hope this episode can support you to have compassion for the negative feelings that are arising in yourself and others and provide you with an approach that will support you to feel better. READ MORE


Episode 28: Celebrate YOU!

Together, let’s pause and take stock of your life this year. Because being a part of the Emotional Empowerment Podcast means you have been setting yourself up to emotionally grow and evolve. Unfortunately, acknowledging your inner growth often gets missed. The tendency is to focus on external accomplishments. But the external accomplishments won’t last or have meaning without your internal energy being in alignment. By being willing to break the old model of trying to get rid of negative emotions and instead embrace their wisdom, you have been going through some serious internal shifts. What this means is you’ve been setting up your internal, emotional world to be a match for your highest vision of you. So let’s honor your growth by listening in to this episode and learn how your emotions are supporting you to rock 2020 and beyond! READ MORE


Episode 27: A Prayer & Tool for Peace

This is one of those episodes that was truly divinely inspired and because of that, it’s one of my favorites. I hope that it supports you to take a moment to reflect, honor, and cherish where you are on your journey. I utilize this prayer as a growth tool to support us to live more fully being the people we are born to be. Whether the translation I share in this prayer completely resonates or not, I hope you can recognize the deeper gift offered through ancient wisdom. Read More

Episode 26: The No Cost Gift to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

Ready or not, the holidays are here. Before your to-do list piles up any further and you feel overwhelmed by all the holiday goodies on your plate, there’s a gift you can give to yourself. This gift does not take more time. In fact, it gives you back time. Not to mention, it’s free. Read More

Episode 25: Gratitude the Emotional Empowerment Way

Thanksgiving and gratitude seem to go together like two birds of a feather. But I am here to share with you why you’ll want to expand your sense of feeling blessed to every day of the year. You see, I have recently beefed up my own gratitude practice over the past few months and it has been nothing but MAGICAL! I’m talkin’ the kind of magic that makes you see the goodness in everybody and everything. It’s been super powerful, which is exactly why I had to share it with you. If you have tried a gratitude practice and weren’t able to stick with it, or never tried it but thought you should, this episode is for YOU! Read More

Episode 24: 4 Steps to Avoid Burnout

Did you know that Americans are the most stressed out of all nations but many modern nations are not far behind? Stress is everywhere and if you aren’t paying attention to your stress levels, you can easily find yourself completely burnt-out. Today’s episode shares 4 important steps to addressing your emotional well-being that will support you to avoid crashing and burning. Read More

Episode 23: Emotional Generosity—4 Simple Practices to Help Others (& Yourself) Feel Amazing

Generosity is a gift you give to yourself and others. By being generous to another, you share something of value with them because deep within you know you have more than enough to go around. So rather than just think of generosity in financial terms, it’s important to be emotionally generous. When you are emotionally generous toward others, you are embodying being the walking blessing that you naturally are. Not only will others feel great around you, but you will feel more abundant and free. Tune in to Episode 23 Emotional Generosity to learn… Read More

Episode 22: Three Internal Ways to Align with Your Desires

Live your best life! It sounds simple but have you ever wondered how to actually do that? Is it just #goodvibes? Yes and no. What a lot of people consider to be keeping the energy in a positive state is actually ignoring what’s going on inside of them that’s in conflict. That’s like putting a towel over poop and convincing yourself the mess is cleaned up. Clearly, it ain’t. Instead, what I invite you to do is pay attention to three major internal components that will shift how you relate to yourself and life so that your vibes are truly radiating love and expansiveness instead of pushed down internal fear and contraction. If you are ready to align with your desires in a deep way, I invite you to listen in to this episode. Life is truly set up for you to win. When you integrate these three internal components, not only will you feel good, you’ll be playing the game of life with greater ease, joy, and fun! Read More

Episode 21: Empowered Disagreements

No one likes to fight. But when a disagreement happens (& they tend to happen in our most important relationships), there’s an opportunity to create greater emotional intimacy. The key is that disagreements should occur in a way that honors yourself and the other person, PLUS empowers the relationship to grow and evolve. In fact, that’s the whole point as to why you are having the disagreement. There’s a change that needs to occur in our for your relationship to flourish. So rather than avoid conflict at all cost OR keep spinning in the same argument over and over again, listen in to Episode 21: Empowered Disagreements.  Read More

Episode 20: How to Forgive Yourself When You Mess Up

Messing up never feels good. The more sensitive you are, the more guilt and shame take over. You end up feeling so defined by your mistake, IF you don’t offer yourself forgiveness. When you are the one at fault, forgiveness can feel like a really hard thing to do. That’s why in this week’s episode, How to Forgive Yourself When You Mess Up, I offer you six steps to take responsibility for your mistake and make amends with yourself. The truth is when you can be compassionate with yourself, the more readily you’ll be compassionate towards others. Read More

Episode 19: Living a Beautiful Life with Lakshmi

Ahhh…Living the Sweet Life. Not too many people can say they know what it means to bring forward a charmed life that includes love, prosperity, health, and joy. Worse yet, when you see someone who does actually have a beautiful life, envy can creep in, which of course, keeps you further away from receiving more of life’s goodness.

So how do you create more of a life you love and loves you back? That’s what I am exploring this week as I integrate Emotional Empowerment with the energy, teachings, and understandings of the Goddess Lakshmi. Read More

Episode 18: Access Kali’s 3 Feminine Emotional Superpowers

Your happiness and fulfillment matters. When you don’t recognize that, life has a tendency to start to self-destruct. In the midst of things falling apart, the tendency is to cling on with a death-grip to what’s remaining. Based on ancient Hindu teachings, instead of feverishly clenching to what was, we have an opportunity to understand the love behind the destruction happening to your life. This is the love that is shown through the Goddess Kali.  

Whether you believe in the goddess Kali or not, isn’t the point. There is an opportunity to understand the stories that belong to Kali and how this power-filled feminine energy can help you emotionally grow, especially when life turns upside-down on you. 

Like any mother, Kali only wants the best for you. In fact,  she will stop at nothing to to ensure you receive it, by teaching YOU how to reclaim your inner power in a way that honors yourself and others. Read More

Episode 17: Integrating Trantra & Emotions!

When you hear the word “Tantra,” you likely are only thinking of its sexy side. There’s another side to tantra that has everything to do with your emotional well-being.  Through this inward focus of tantra and your emotions, there is an opportunity to feel truly liberated. Tantra guides us to inner freedom by honoring the life-force energy (Shakti) that is often depleted and forgotten. Emotional Empowerment aims to reclaim your Shakti through the power in all that you feel. Learn how the  Emotional Empowerment model aligns with ancient tantric principles and asks us to reclaim our sacred feminine energy in unexpected ways in Episode 17: Integrating Tantra & Your Emotions. Read More

Episode 16: Access More Ambition!

Being dedicated, persevering through challenges, and going for what you want is one way to define an ambitious person. But sometimes ambition can take a wrong turn and become manipulative or over enthusiastic in a not so great way. This is the duality of ambition and it’s what I am discussing in Episode 16: Access More Ambition. Of course, we are going to do this the Emotional Empowerment way by supporting you to acknowledge and understand the shadow side to ambition within you. Per usual, I use myself as an example so you don’t feel that you are alone with the shadow side of ambition. As you learn to receive the shadow side of ambition from love and compassion, what you are ultimately doing is opening yourself up to the healthiest expression of ambition that will support you to go for your dreams with immense integrity. So if your ambition has been quietly slipping away or you just want to feel more motivated so you can take inspired action towards your dreams, join me to learn how to receive your ambitious self from love and empowerment! Read More

Episode 15: Resolve the Dualities Within You

There is a part of you that has big dreams for yourself. And yet there’s another part of you that, at times, seems to go against your vision. Once you recognize that part of you standing in the way of what you want, you just want to banish it from you. But fighting ourselves never works. In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you how to access the unexpressed aspects of your visionary self, such as more of your talents, motivation, love and success without fighting the aspects of yourself that tend to pull you away from who you really are. If you are ready to understand how you are getting in your own way from experiencing more of the fullness of who you are, I invite you to listen in to Episode 15: Resolve the Dualities within You. You will learn an unconventional, yet effective way to access more of your gifts and talents in 5 steps! Read More

Episode 14: How to Fill the Void with Love

While we are more comfortable than ever talking about negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, guilt and more, what we still avoid discussing is the void. You know, that sense of emptiness that pops up from time to time. It’s hard to admit it even exists. But for many, it’s there, myself included. This void tends to pop up when you are in the midst of change. So rather than run from it, I invite you to go in towards the nothingness within you. What you’ll actually find are the answers you’ve been looking for AND greater self-love.  Read More

Episode 13: Why You Are Mean to Yourself

Did you know that when you put yourself down, you get something out of it? Yep, as weird as it sounds, there’s an internal, unconscious benefit to your inner cruelty. If you’ve been stuck in an area of life or just don’t feel as good as you would like to, you are likely diminishing a vital aspect of yourself that is needed in order to create a change. This is why the advice of “lift yourself up” is nice but insufficient. The tendency is to ignore the “bad” and focus on the “good,” but the reality is you tuck parts of yourself away that are misunderstood. In Episode 13: Why You Are Mean to Yourself, learn what your ego gets out of this negative self-talk that serves you in the short-term but hurts you in the long-term. Then you’ll know what you can do instead that will bring true inner healing and self-recognition and, in doing, so enable yourself to make the changes in your life that matter most to you. Read More

Episode 12: How to Address Anger From Love and Empowerment

No one wants to be an angry person. You know the harm it causes when anger’s wrath is unleashed, so you try to keep it contained. What is often not understood is the consequences to trying to manage anger. Anger management doesn’t’ resolve the underlying cause to what triggered your anger in the first place. The truth is anger has a very important gift that will awaken you to more of your truth and power, when you are willing to take personal responsibility for this energy coursing through you. The old models of anger either have you pushing away the very thing you want or continuously recreating a victim narrative in your life. Listen to Episode 12 to learn three Steps to Addressing Anger from Love & Empowerment.​ Read More

Episode 11: How to Stand Up to Your & Your Kid’s Inner Bully

When something goes wrong and you are emotionally sensitive, your tendency is to take it really hard and be super critical of yourself. If you have an emotionally sensitive kid, they are doing the same darn thing and they are molding their identity based upon their inner critic’s messages. Thankfully, with the Emotional Empowerment Process, there are 4 simple steps to create greater resiliency when facing life’s disappointments, for yourself and/or your emotionally sensitive kid. Read More

Episode 10: Shift From Anxiety to Inner Peace

Tired of battling, managing, or coping with anxiety and worry? Well then this episode is made for you! It turns out a lot of the guidance you may have received regarding anxiety can actually intensify your anxiety. In this episode, I invite you to incorporate 3 new ways of addressing your anxiety from a lens of empowerment. In doing so, you’ll know how to have an honest, empowered conversation with yourself when you feel anxious or worried. When you understand anxiety from an empowered lens, anxiety dissolves. No more battling. No more coping. No more managing. No more controlling. It DOES take time to create this new relationship with yourself and your anxiety So listen in to Episode 10: Shifting from Anxiety to Inner Peace and start evolving your relationship with anxiety bit by bit, moment by moment. Read More

Episode 9: Why You Feel Guilty & What To Do About It

Do you crave alone time & more rest? Does the idea of sitting down and reading a book during a weekday (and you didn’t go anywhere for vacation) seem laughable? Do you find it hard to let go of what you are working on because it absolutely must get done? I get it, you are busy. We all are. But if you answered yes to any of the above, my bet is guilt is at least partially running your life, perhaps a lot of your life. The trick is you may not even know it, because your ego will convince you that pushing yourself to get more done and leaving little to no energy for yourself is the only way to get through life – if you want to have a good life. I promise, your ego has it all wrong, and may in fact, be keeping you away from your very desire. Check out Episode 9: Why You Feel Guilty & What to Do About It, so you can free yourself from this colossal stronghold your ego has on you. Read More

Episode 8: What to Do When You Feel Bad so You Can Feel Better!

Now that you understand that your feelings are a part of the Divine Feminine language, you are leaning into your emotions. What I am hearing is “What’s next?” When you allow yourself to go into your emotions, there can be a lot waiting to be heard, but you don’t need to become overwhelmed or go into a downward spiral. Because this feminine approach to emotional well-being is so new, I wanted to give you more guidance on how you can listen to your emotions in a manner that leads you to find more of your wisdom, clarity, and power. When you find yourself feeling bad, it’s because you are ready to uncover more of your truth. Tune in to this episode to learn how you can face the discomfort and have more of the real you revealed! Read More

Episode 7: The Cost to Being Under Confident

If I can just get this part of my life together, I would feel ______ (fill in the blank______). You know the drill. Your ego tells you that a certain dream needs to come into fruition for you to somehow feel better. So you try and try and TRY to make that happen. To no avail.  Which makes you feel worse about yourself. Then to avoid feeling worse that your efforts have led you no where, you find ways to distract yourself from that pain with unhealthy habits. This is the vicious cycle of under confidence.  

Being under confident doesn’t mean you are a doormat. In fact, I’ve worked with many successful people who were confident in business, but severely under confident in relationships, as well as those who were highly confident in their health or relationships but struggled and felt under confident with their finances. The reason this happens is because your ego knows exactly how to seduce your focus elsewhere, which ultimately undermines your confidence.  

The Cost to Being Under Confident isn’t just impacting your emotional health, it’s impacting any area of your life that you’ve felt challenged.  Read More

Episode 6: Ditch Overwhelm for a Constant Flow State

I’m exhausted. I’m so overwhelmed.  You hear it all the time from either your own mouth or a friends.  It’s a part of our culture, especially if you are a woman.  In fact, 9 out of 10 mothers are overwhelmed, whether they work outside the home or not.  So what’s causing this overwhelm?  While yes, there can be numerous external factors, it all boils down to that inner bully that is running you.  Learn how to tame the inner beast that pushes you to do more and more and more, so instead you can truly experience flow, peace, and ease.  Yes, it really is possible!  But you’ve got to take the time for yourself to listen to episode 6 “Ditch Overwhelm for a Constant Flow State.” Read More

Episode 5: Having Faith in What You Feel

“Why am I so upset? Am I being ridiculous? Why can’t I just let this go? If I was a better person, I would move on and not be so hurt by this.”  The ways we question our right to feel what we feel can be never-ending.  Based upon a dream in which HER voice came through, I could see the ways in which, women especially, have been entrenched to mistrust, judge and shame how we are made.  In this episode, I connect with this feminine voice to weave in spirituality with our emotional well-being in unconventional ways in order that you may Faith in What You Feel. Read More

Episode 4: How to Naturally Dissolve Your Ego

The Ego. It’s our own little problem child inside of us. Your ego causes you pain inside and out. As the late Wayne Dyer stated, the ego stands for Edging God Out.

Yet, judging your ego or trying to get rid of it isn’t the answer. Just as if you had a real problem child, judging her/him only makes things worse. Instead, you need to understand why this child is behaving as she/he because their behavior serves a purpose.

It’s the same with your ego, it does indeed serve an important purpose. Once you no longer need your ego to the same degree, both you and your ego will know it, which allows the ego to naturally dissolve.

This podcast is about bringing greater understanding to your ego, so that rather than be ashamed, judge, or fight this aspect of you, you’ll be able to recognize why it shows up as it does and what you are being called to do in order to diminish your ego’s power. Read More

Episode #3: Building Self-Confidence as an Emotionally Sensitive Person

We’ve all heard advice such as…”If you act confidently and think confidently, you’ll be confident,” or “Fake it til you make it.” Those directives don’t quite work for emotionally sensitive people (ESP’s). In fact, trying to act or think in a way that opposes what they believe makes an ESP feel more like a fraud, which depletes inner confidence. The great news is that for ESP’s, your path to confidence is one of authenticity and developing an inner belief in yourself.

In this podcast, we’ll unwind the ways in which you’ve likely been trained to turn your back on your truth, due to your emotional sensitivity and what you can do to build a strong inner foundation that you trust, regardless of your circumstances. Read More

Episode #2: Combining Science & Spirituality to Create True Emotional Well-Being

In today’s podcast, we examine the effectiveness of the science of psychology, because despite billions of dollars going into clinically proven standards of treatment for anxiety and depression, negative emotions continue to rise to record levels.  

By digging deeper into the history of psychology, we can understand the underlying motives and biases that have (unintentionally) kept us further from attaining true emotional well-being. 

Together, we’ll explore how the original meaning of psychology, which is to study the soul is still useful today.  By integrating a spiritual approach with epigenetics, negative emotions can diminish naturally while simultaneously creating greater emotional health. Read More

Episode #1: Why You Feel the Way You Do

There’s a lot of confusion about why you feel the way you do. Is it that you aren’t thinking positively, your diet, because you aren’t exercising, or meditating?

This question, why do I feel the way I do, has been a driving force in my life that I’ve been devoted to understanding.

What I’ve come to find will likely surprise you (as well as the way I came to this understanding). Read More