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Emotional Empowerment Podcast Party!

Watch this video to see if your story is similar to others who were once feeling stuck or challenged by their negative feelings and hear from them how they created major shifts in their life by using their emotions to their advantage!

If you can’t access the video, please listen in via this audio recording.

This launch party was created to celebrate who you are as an emotionally sensitive or struggling person. Your emotions are a GIFT and so are you! Fast forward to *estimated times* below to gain the insight you are looking for in an array of important topics and see what gems of wisdom you can gain from their experience!

Susie Raymond ( shares why she needed emotional empowerment despite previous trainings as a reiki master and life coach. (Her story begins at approx 11:30 min)

18:00 min — Why she added training in Emotional Empowerment after already being trained as a life coach.
19:00 min — How her sadness led her to overcome her financial blocks!
23:00 min — Why life feels magical to her now.

Ric Schults shares what he needed to learn as he overcame his 2nd divorce (His story starts approx 28:00 min)

33:00 min — The “good” trait that was ruining his relationships & the shift he made.
36:00 min — What converted a Type A, logical thinker to truly understand his emotions and use them to his benefit.
40:00 min — Why even if you don’t think you have an emotional issue, your block is likely emotionally based and when understood changes everything!

Heidi Spivak ( shares her story of being a health coach (with ideal gut health) wasn’t the solution to her anxiety and how she ultimately got off her psychotropic medication! (Story begins approx 45:00 min)

46:00 min — How she was unknowingly using her focus on health to avoid her emotions.
48:00 min — Why gut health didn’t relieve her anxiety.
49:00 min — How she got off her anti-depressant medication & has found true inner peace.
53:00 min — How transforming her anxiety changed her as a parent, plus made life & health easier for her!

Suzanne Monroe, founder of the International Association of Wellness Professionals ( shares her journey that started financial, relationship, and health struggles to living life abundantly in all ways! (Her story begins approx 1:03:00 min)

1:07:00 min — How women can overcome feeling overwhelmed.
1:12:00 min — The common behavior that is actually working against your success.
1:13:30 min — What most in personal development and health are getting wrong that is unintentionally diminishing personal power.
1:18:00 min — What you really need to create a breakthrough.

Yumie Takahashi ( reveals the struggles she faced as a parent and how she’s prouder now than ever with her role as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur! (Her story starts approx 1:22:00 min)

1:24:00 min — Even though she was meditating and doing yoga, she was getting this piece wrong and it impacted her as a parent.
1:26:00 min — How she shifted from battles with her spirited daughter to ease as a parent.
1:31:00 min — How she shifted her marriage from good to great.

Pamela Biasca Losada ( shares why she felt obligated to learn an empowered approach to emotions even after being trained in psychology and health coaching. (Her story begins approx 1:37:00 mins)

1:42:00 min — What this psychologist said is missing when it comes to understanding our feelings.
1:46:00 min — How she learned to speak up and celebrate her authentic self.
1:48:00 min — Her approach to building true health, as a health coach.
1:51:00 min — How she shifted from feeling guilty all the time to having more FUN!


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Episode 5: Having Faith in What You Feel

“Why am I so upset? Am I being ridiculous? Why can’t I just let this go? If I was a better person, I would move on and not be so hurt by this.”  The ways we question our right to feel what we feel can be never-ending.  Based upon a dream in which HER voice came through, I could see the ways in which, women especially, have been entrenched to mistrust, judge and shame how we are made.  In this episode, I connect with this feminine voice to weave in spirituality with our emotional well-being in unconventional ways in order that you may Faith in What You Feel. Read More


Episode 4: How to Naturally Dissolve Your Ego

The Ego. It’s our own little problem child inside of us. Your ego causes you pain inside and out. As the late Wayne Dyer stated, the ego stands for Edging God Out.

Yet, judging your ego or trying to get rid of it isn’t the answer. Just as if you had a real problem child, judging her/him only makes things worse. Instead, you need to understand why this child is behaving as she/he because their behavior serves a purpose.

It’s the same with your ego, it does indeed serve an important purpose. Once you no longer need your ego to the same degree, both you and your ego will know it, which allows the ego to naturally dissolve.

This podcast is about bringing greater understanding to your ego, so that rather than be ashamed, judge, or fight this aspect of you, you’ll be able to recognize why it shows up as it does and what you are being called to do in order to diminish your ego’s power. Read More

Episode #3: Building Self-Confidence as an Emotionally Sensitive Person

We’ve all heard advice such as…”If you act confidently and think confidently, you’ll be confident,” or “Fake it til you make it.” Those directives don’t quite work for emotionally sensitive people (ESP’s). In fact, trying to act or think in a way that opposes what they believe makes an ESP feel more like a fraud, which depletes inner confidence. The great news is that for ESP’s, your path to confidence is one of authenticity and developing an inner belief in yourself.

In this podcast, we’ll unwind the ways in which you’ve likely been trained to turn your back on your truth, due to your emotional sensitivity and what you can do to build a strong inner foundation that you trust, regardless of your circumstances. Read More

Episode #2: Combining Science & Spirituality to Create True Emotional Well-Being

In today’s podcast, we examine the effectiveness of the science of psychology, because despite billions of dollars going into clinically proven standards of treatment for anxiety and depression, negative emotions continue to rise to record levels.  

By digging deeper into the history of psychology, we can understand the underlying motives and biases that have (unintentionally) kept us further from attaining true emotional well-being. 

Together, we’ll explore how the original meaning of psychology, which is to study the soul is still useful today.  By integrating a spiritual approach with epigenetics, negative emotions can diminish naturally while simultaneously creating greater emotional health. Read More

Episode #1: Why You Feel the Way You Do

There’s a lot of confusion about why you feel the way you do. Is it that you aren’t thinking positively, your diet, because you aren’t exercising, or meditating?

This question, why do I feel the way I do, has been a driving force in my life that I’ve been devoted to understanding.

What I’ve come to find will likely surprise you (as well as the way I came to this understanding). Read More

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